Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. It's been crazy! Last week our van broke down in the middle of nowhere Connecticut.
2. Speaking of which, DO NOT ever shop at Advanced Auto Parts. While in PA we thought our alternator was going out and had them run their little test on it and it came back that all was fine. And 3 hours later, despite their guarantee we were broken down.
3. Ended up in an overly priced hotel next to a truck stop and a big repair bill that wiped us out. Ugh.
4. Wednesday-Sunday we were in Lynn, Massachusetts for a missions conference! We had a great time.
5. Currently staying in Peabody, MA until the 23rd!
6. If you didn't know, 18 month olds need diapers! We usually buy our diapers at Sams Club; but that store doesn't exist here. But, Target has diapers for a good deal right now. I'm all about Huggies, however when your pinching pennies Luvs is an awesome comparison! If you buy 2 boxes you get a $5 gift card so in essence you pay $30 for like 192 diapers!
7. Another penny pincher...we forgot to pack the hair clippers. We found a set for $15 at Walgreens and that is the price of just one hair cut! I will more than likely be cutting Joseph's hair at least 4 more times before our return home and that's a savings of $60!
8. A few weeks ago I purchased a Norwex body care wash cloth and I'm loving it! I can tell its really pulling the bacteria to the surface!
9. I gave Klayton a bath last night, it's a 5 minute job and a hours worth of playtime! He loves bath time and playing in water!
10. Well, I've got much to do today! Have a Happy Tuesday!

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Carter Family Adventures said...

Is that like a washcloth? The Norwex cloth I mean?