Thursday, July 19, 2012

The "D" Word

I hate that word.
The sound of it makes me cringe.
Sometimes it even makes me want to cry.


I hate going and therefore I haven't been since I had a baby tooth pulled my Senior year of college.

Yes, you read right it was a baby tooth. Driving to work one day, eating a frozen burrito I cracked a tooth. Pathetic me hoped it would "heal" itself. It didn't. So, it had to be pulled roots and all.

Now, I have a toothache.

A front tooth.

I don't want to look like a hick and have it pulled.

I have already shed a tear about my appointment later today.

The receptionist has probably already written, "Crazy Lady" on my file.

They will probably take one look at my teeth and want to run away.

In spite of my fear, I just need relief. So, please dear dentist don't make the "D" word even more unappealing to say.

4:10 today is when I go...

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