Friday, July 13, 2012

Things I Don't Want to Forget (20 Months)

I have so many unexpected moments going through my mind with Klayton. So I thought I would share some randomness from our lives!

Lately, he has been giving Mommy Kisses...kisses reserved for Mommy lips ONLY! For no apparent reason he will come to me and nuzzle his face close to mine and let me kiss his lips or vice versa! Talk about melt my heart moments!
Moments like that might overshadow the fact that when I went to pick up from the church nursery the other day that I was greeted with him pointing a "gun" made from legos saying, "ba-ba-ba!" His version of bang-bang. I love you to Klayton! *sigh*
Some of our grosser moments involve him "dumpster diving" for food or drink. So, now comes the lessons of you only eat food that mommy and daddy have given you and you don't share food with anyone else but us...because he has also been known to steal food and has become quite the beggar! I really don't starve him! Ha! And I might also be working on only drinking after mommy and daddy...because first of all I find it disgusting to be sharing drinks with people; but secondly because Klayton has been found drinking coffee from a cup in a trash can and has swiped someone elses drink!
Klayton has a hiding place in the kitchen. Whenever our remote control, dvd, wii remote, etc seems to be missing I simply go to my towel drawer in the kitchen and lift a few dishrags to find the hidden treasures! At least I know where to look and I am just hoping that he doesn't catch on to the fact that I know about his secret hiding spot!
When we go to the grocery store there is a ball bin near the checkout stand and my child knows exactly where to find it. He could be carrying groceries for me; but it doesn't matter once we near the checkout he promptly puts his items down, neatly of course-he doesn't just drop them! He will then run to the ball bin and pick out 2 big balls to carry around!

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Lindsay said...

Oh my word! He is so adorable!! :)