Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apple Picking

There is a family owned apple orchard just east of town that opened last weekend. I thought it would be fun to take Klayton apple picking and wanted to go last year; but never made it. So, I was thrilled that we were able to go on the second weekend of the orchard being open!
We decided on picking a "peck" of apples-10 lbs and were excited to be directed to the trees with Cortlands and Liberty. Actually, all we cared about was that we needed RED apples!

Klayton has never been apple picking before and as we started picking our peck he quickly filled his bag to about half way. We decided to head over to another area and as we neared the unpicked trees he dumped his bag of apples...I guess its confusing as to if they should be kept or not because there were SO many apples on the ground as it was! We had to explain to him that apples in the bag are meant to be kept.

Klayton also enjoyed tasting the fresh apples. And I am not exaggerating by using the word taste-he would take a bite of an apple and quickly toss it to the ground. Further "apple discussion" was made about how we couldn't on purpose put the yummy apples to waste! I should mention that I was loving every moment of our time together!

Our final lesson was taught by daddy on how to properly shine an apple before eating the WHOLE apple!

We are excited to make apple dumplings, apple cinnamon muffins and eat our peck of apples!

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