Friday, September 12, 2014

Bestie Fest 2014

I am sure you are wondering, "Bestie Fest? Is there really such a thing?!" And I can assure you there most definitely is! It is a place and a time where you don't forget your role as a mommy, wife, adult; but yet you can just sit back and have some fun! At least that is what I think of during my first-of many-Bestie Fest's with my bestie BobbiJo! Our little guys had a blast as well and I think our husbands were just there out of obligation! Ha!

I got a late night perm and enjoyed a chat with my bestie until 4 a.m!

Our boys did a little wrestling.

We ate Snickers Cheesecake for breakfast.

Did our nails and enjoyed a shorter night of chatting...I think it was 3 a.m.-rather than 4!

We spent just a couple of days together that went by way to fast. I am so thankful that God gives friendships and the HE KNOWS the people we need. BobbiJo and I met in college and simply had 'being from Wisconsin' in common. But it gave us a basis! She spent Thanksgiving break with my family and I-it was a blast that launched many memories! After college we lost touch for a while; but God allowed us to get back in touch. We have shared many seasons of life and I am thankful for a friend that God knew I needed to walk text right along side of me. As she says, it's like we are co-workers-except for we actually like each other-as we text on a daily basis and share uh-oh moments about our kids, hard moments, silly moments, times of venting...and simply being a friend.

And, how does Bestie Fest becomes a reality-just look at our shirts!

Yep, we have our own t-shirt! Keep your eyes out for next years Bestie Fest 2015!

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