Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ten on Tuesday-Moments with Klayton

1. "I am king!" We hear this often lately...whether Klayton has climbed to the tallest part of a jungle gym or simply accomplished something. His ego does NOT need to be stroked!
2. "Catch it with hand!" After watching an episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where I believe Goofy or Mickey caught a fly with their bare hands...it is now expected that Daddy, Mommy or Grandma and Grandpa can do this as well.
3. "Klayton gone. Paint Klayton on picture." Klayton is really fascinated with Joseph and I's wedding picture and that he is not in it. He has come up with a solution to paint himself into the picture...I suggested that maybe I replace it with a family picture someday!
4. While at Wal-Mart a few weeks back an older woman began unloading her shopping cart behind us and my little gentleman without being asked or told to began helping her. I was SO proud.
5. "Road broke the wheel!"
6. "Mommy, you cute!" Yep, he knows how to melt my heart!
7. After finding out we were not having tacos for dinner. "Mommy store get tacos with coins!" He refers to all money as coins and is pretty demanding about the food he eats! He also makes his own tacos now-seriously he is so independent.
8. He now recognizes McDonalds and shouts for it! I think every kid at some point in their life becomes excited about Happy Meals! When we go there he will ask for a Coke.
9. I may be repeating myself on this one; but a few weeks ago we went to lunch at Red Robin. The waitress came for our drink order and without prompting Klayton ordered his own drink and food! He said, "milk, burger and cheese!" As he ordered each item he pointed to it in the menu.
10. "I fix it!" and "I help!" are two phrases that my Mister utters often! I am literally on the sidelines watching this boy going from believing he can do anything and not being afraid of anything to learning, "I scared."

Be still my heart.

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