Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am actually 31 weeks as of today and that means only 9 more to go! The countdown is really beginning for my Klayton Bear to arrive and I CANNOT wait! I remember at the beginning of my pregnancy, how exciting it was to make it another week along and now its SO exciting to countdown the weeks!
Joseph and I are so excited to bring this little life into the world and make him a part of our lives! Joseph has informed me that as of right now Klayton is on loan to me...that he is letting me borrow Klayton; but he gets him for the next 18 years! I keep telling Joseph don't make him not need his mama before he's even here-I want to enjoy my baby being a baby and not being concerned that he is to big in his britches for his mama!
Its hard to believe how much we love this little guy already! Every night before bed we read a Psalm together, we have been reading the book of Psalms backwards as a countdown to my due date! Then after we are done reading, I sing "You Are My Sunshine" and Joseph reads a Michigan book to Klayton! We pray together and we are already sure to make Klayton a part of this! We thank the Lord everyday for this special gift in my tummy and we tell Klayton everyday that we simply cannot wait for him to be here because we love him so much! Just 9 more weeks and we CANNOT wait!

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Lindsay said...

I LOVE that you sing "You are My Sunshine" My Gramps always used to sing that to me :) Miss you friend!