Friday, August 20, 2010

Preggo Friday

Baby Progress:

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring approximately 16 inches long,he weighs about 4 lbs. 4 whole pounds, wow! And from this week, until 2weeks before birth,he will gain about a half pound every week.

As you've probably noticed,he is moving around quite a bit in there! It's not uncommon for his continuous movements, which may feel like somersaults, to be keeping you up at night. His arms, legs and body are also filling out as he continues to develop fat underneath his skin, making those kicks and prods feel even stronger than last week. You may even see an arm or a foot move slowly across your belly!

My Progress:

How far along? 31 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: +15 lbs.
How much does baby weigh? 2 lbs. 11 oz as of last ultrasound
Symptoms: Pregnancy brain, no energy, frequent headaches, shortness of breath, backaches, nosebleeds, leg cramps.
Maternity clothes? Pretty much everything.
Stretch marks? Their horrible!
Sleep: Good, sleep for about 4 hours and then I start waking every hour to hour and a half for bathroom breaks.
Best moment this week: watching my belly jolt like it never has before!
Food cravings: All the bad stuff!
Food aversions: chicken!
Gender: boy! Klayton Matthew!
Labor signs: None yet and hopefully it stays that way for a little longer!
Belly Button - in or out? flattening.
What I miss: Cherry Coke!
What I am looking forward to: Monday night, the nursing class I will be taking with my friend Danielle!
Milestones: Entering the single digit countdown, 9 more weeks!

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