Monday, February 7, 2011

10 on Tuesday (yes, I know its late Monday night; but its almost Tuesday!)

1. Do I know where I will be pillowing my head tonight? No, no I do not! And yes, this is very crazy! The place we were to be staying in for the week was over booked and therefore has left us scrambling to find another place. We are waiting to hear back from a place in Napa, if that falls through we may head to Lake Tahoe for the rest of the week.
2. Last week we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and that was a blast! I loved it and it was so neat to see it from so many different angles!

3. We also went to the Pacific Ocean-my first time to visit it! Have I mentioned how much I love the ocean? Well, I love it! And just a side note, the Pacific is quite cold...I learned this by letting a wave roll onto my feet and it basically took my breath away!

4. I am now a 29 year old! I celebrated my birthday last Wednesday...Joseph and Klayton took me to Johnny Carinos for lunch and took me to the Coach Outlet, where they bought me a Coach bag for a very unbelievable price! It was 50% off and then an extra 20% off-craziness!

5. I am not a big football fan; but for the sake of many friends and family I was excited to see the Packers win the Superbowl and also because I am originally from Wisconsin and love Wisconsin!
6. Still trying to diet, have lost 9 lb. so far! Yay! Dieting on the road is difficult; but I am trying to lose weight and become a new me!
7. Seriously. Apparently, in Greenville, SC a lady gave birth in a public restroom and left her baby in the toilet to die. Some maintenance men heard the baby crying and that is how the baby was discovered. I just don't understand-yes, you may not want your baby; but there is a thing called adoption. My heart aches for that baby boy.
8. Klayton is discovering things every day, he now loves to grab onto things and hold them! He loves to watch television! When he does tummy time he holds his head up and checks everything out around him! When we hold him he wants to face outward so he can check everything out! I just love him so much and can't believe how fast things change.
9. I'm getting anxious to be working on my baby book...hoping for some scrapbooking time to come my way!
10. And for your viewing pleasure....

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