Monday, February 28, 2011


Sometimes it takes certain events in life to remind us to be thankful. Tonight, I was reading some of my favorite blogs and I was referred to a link about 4 month old, Maddie who died suddenly at her babysitters home. She was just a week older than my Klayton...tonight I am giving my baby a few extra hugs, kisses and cuddles.
In his Sunday best...

Is there a sock monkey on my head???

Visiting Lake Tahoe

My hands are so yummy!

Klayton, I will love you forever and not take one day with you for granted!


Lindsay said...

Ah! This is a sweet post... I can't believe how big he is getting!! Glad you are doing well!

*Barbie said...

aw..that is so sad! Enjoy your extra snuggles with your little price=) He is adorable!