Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quick Catchup

I just have to say that I love my grandparents and am SO excited to see them in April when they come out for my sisters wedding! Klayton is just as excited as mommy too! I can't wait to show them our home and to take them to our favorite restaurant-Johnny Carino's after the wedding! Okay, well Johnny Carinos is one of our many favorites!
We are currently planted in Roy, Utah for the next couple of weeks! We have a couple of meetings tomorrow; but for the most part we will be able to do a little relaxing with our good friends, Jason and Tina!
This week Klayton was sick...sad. I really hate to see him sick and its even harder when on the road. On Wednesday, we took a nap together and when we woke up I noticed he had a slight fever. We gave him some Tylenol in hopes that it wouldn't rise anymore than what it already had; but then he threw up-his first time to ever do that, poor baby. Thursday morning he seemed to be on the mend; but Thursday night his fever spiked to a 101. We gave him Pedialyte, Tylenol and alternated cool rags from his hot back to his hot forehead. Apparently, the rags exhausted him-he fell asleep around 11, woke once for a feeding and slept until 10:30 when we woke him because we needed to check out of the hotel. He woke up with no fever and hasn't had one since! He spent most of yesterday sleeping and still slept through the night last night! Today he is my happy baby once again and now I feel as if I can rest once again since I now know he is better!
I have gotten off track with my diet; but starting today I am committed to being good again! Last time I checked I had lost 13 lb. and I'm really hoping thats still the case and that by being bad lately I haven't put any of that back on. I think I have gotten frustrated enough with my belly fat to be serious again and stick to it once again...and I just want to put this out there, I really hate those women who don't have any pre-baby fat.
Hope this finds you all relaxing and enjoying your Saturday!

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Tia V. said...

OH MY GOODNESS... it is such a small world!!! Ok, so I haven't even finished reading this post (I will go back and finish...). But I can't believe you are in Roy, Utah visiting the Harris'?? Right?!
We lived in utah until 7 months ago... they started that church in Roy just before we moved!!! My hubby helped canvas Roy with him! We looooooooove them!
How funny!!!! Tell them that we say Hello... we also have several good friends who attend that church!