Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four Months (A Few Days Late)

Klayton you are 4 months old!

*You discovered that your feet are connected to your body and that you can play with your feet using your hands! You love to do this in the morning when you first wake up!
*You LOVE to watch television! When daddy and I rent a movie you will stay awake and watch it! It is so cute because you will talk and laugh while watching the movie!
*You have become quite a chatterbox!
*We don’t think you realize what you are saying; but you say mom all the time. You also said dad once as well.
*You have started to teethe, it looks like you will cut 2 bottom teeth whenever they decide to show themselves. I’m ready for them to come through for both of our sakes because you drool like crazy and it makes you fussy at times and we are not use to having a fussy baby.
*One of the funniest things to watch is when you ‘fill’ your diaper! You grunt and pull your legs to your stomach and move them back and forth while doing the deed! It takes a lot of energy apparently because if I happen to be nursing you at the time you stop eating until you are done filling the diaper!
*You love to use your hands, you are always grabbing onto things and you do such a great job holding onto them! You like to hold your bottle, you will also hold onto your pacifier!
*You love to touch things and feel it between your fingers. Whenever I nurse you, you will grab onto my necklace and play with it; but when I think you are getting to ‘rough’ I will pull it away from you which will just make you play with a collar of my shirt to feel it between your fingers!
*You wear size 1 diapers.
*You wear size 3 months and 3-6 months clothing! You outgrew my favorite monkey pajamas this month-so sad.

This Month You:
*You went to the Golden Gate Bridge
*You saw the Pacific Ocean
*Went to Arizona for the first time

Dear Klayton,
I love you! Every day becomes a new adventure with you. We are now at the place where you will just continue to discover and do new things daily! I love this stage and I can’t help but to think that I will just keep loving each new stage in your life! It does make me sad at the same time to know that these days will never be repeated and when I think of that I become overwhelmed with just knowing how good God is to give me these days that I have already had and for the simple fact that I have YOU!
Daddy and I still love to show you off and don’t mind the attention we get when we are out and about. I think you know that you are “it” because when people talk to you and ohh over you, you give them big smiles and will start to chat! It is so funny! I just wish you knew not to encourage the ‘weirdos’ with your smiles! One particular day we were at the mall and a lady said to me, “you have such a beautiful baby-do you know how lucky you are?” I just smiled and kept walking; but thought to myself, “not lucky, just blessed!”
I will Love You Forever,

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