Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 22nd...A Great Day

Currently, we are in a conference that is featuring the songs of two blind ladies that are in their fifties. The Pastor shared how he allowed the one blind woman to hold his one month old daughter and the woman wept with the longing of years gone by. Years of a desire for a baby that have passed, a desire that will never come to pass. I must acknowledge-I am blessed. God gave me a desire of my heart that I did not deserve. Actually two blessings I do not deserve, a husband and a child.
February 22nd is a special day for me. Four years ago today, I met my husband! I had just turned 25, twenty days before and was very discouraged. I knew as years continued on there was a good chance that I would remain single. I remember crying out to my friend, Michelle, at my birthday lunch over how alone I felt and how desperately I longed for a husband. If I could have seen ahead into the future by just a couple of weeks-I would have laughed at myself. God knew what He was doing and what was just around the corner. He knew my desire and was working out the details!

On this day last year, I took a pregnancy test...a pregnancy test that I didn't want to take. I had taken many before that always gave me negative answer; but my husband insisted that I take the test because that is how sure he was that I was pregnant. I took it, looked away and quickly looked back at the test just knowing it was going to say no! Then surprise of all surprises two lines appeared-I was pregnant! I didn't know that it was my Klayton Matthew at the time; but I knew the child within my belly was already loved and would just add more joy to our lives!

God has been so good to me and on this day that seems to have spoiled me in the past, I now look for God's blessings-I just know it will be a good day!

(P.S. I am posting this a couple days later and something good did happen this year...we did our taxes that day and realized we will be getting a refund-yay! God always provides right on time!)

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