Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 on Tuesday...

1. Today were going to apparently one of the largest stores EVER or maybe its just the largest store EVER in the state of Utah...Smith and Edwards. I guess they have everything and its better than Wal-Mart.
2. Speaking of Wal-Mart have I ever mentioned how much I hate that place? Well, I do...I know its like the store for every woman; but not me! I would rather shop at Target.
3. For my scrapbooking friends, here is a blog that my friend DeAnna started, www.mycricutdiary.blogspot.com!
4. Another blog worth the reading is www.tiastidbitsandmajorrants.blogspot.com! This is a new blog that my friend Tia started!
5. And last; but not least another blog worth the read, www.countedfaithful.blogspot.com!
6. I haven't cooked in forever and last night I was able to make sure I still knew how and cooked for our friends the Harris'! I made my chicken tenders which are so yummy, ranched mashed potatoes and corn! I think it was a hit! I am cooking again tonight, taco casserole!
7. I'm thinking about joining Weight Watchers once again. Last time I did the program it worked and I had a great success. I just seem to be devoted to my diet right now and I really need a system to keep me in line and maybe if I'm paying for it, it will keep me motivated. If I join I will do the Weight Watchers online so I can conveniently access it from my phone!
8. I think my days of nursing are almost done. We made it 4 1/2 months; but I was hoping for longer. Its just so hard to keep up my supply on the road. So, Klayton is getting formula during the day and is being nursed at night and his 1st feeding in the morning; but I don't think that will even last for that much longer. With that being said, let me tell you-I hate buying formula it is so stinking expensive! Ugh!
9. I can't believe Klayton is just two weeks from being 5 months old! Where is the time going? Before I know it he is going to be crawling, sitting up....whenever I hold him I can just tell when he learns how to crawl he will not want to be held anymore he is already such a mover.
10. Tonight might be an evening in watching, Like Dandelion Dust and scrapping! That my friends will make for a wonderful evening!


*Barbie said...

aw=) thanks for mentioning my blog=) enjoy your evening!

Tia V. said...

Yes, Thank you for mentioning my blog too! Very sweet!!!
I love your 10 on Tuesdays... fun to read!!! :)