Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Klayton turned five months yesterday and I feel bad that I'm not on time with his five month post. Maybe I will get it done this week?
2. We are currently traveling home, we should arrive in just a couple of hours! I am so excited to be home!
3. This past weekend we got new phones...I got the EVO. I think I will like it, I just have to get used to it. I find it fun to get a new phone to play with!
4. I am really getting into jewelry making! Several people have told me I should look into selling it... I might give it a try. if I do, I think an appropriate business name would be, Girl on the GoFashion Jewelry...
5. This past weekend was spent with my brother and his soontobe wife.we had a great time with them!
6. I have always liked Hobby Lobby, but right now I love them! My kitchen theme is bumblebees and they are currently selling tons of bee decorations and bee kitchen supplies!
7. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and colored. I am so ready to have hair that looks good again!
8. One thing that I dread about arriving home after such a long time is the big grocery bill that awaits me. Ugh.
9. I need some new recipes. If you have a good recipe to share I would love to have it. We seem to always get stuck in a rut and eat the same thing week after week.
10. Some Taco Bells now do breakfast and I have to tell you their Cinnabon donuts holes are totally awesome!

Happy Tuesday!!!!


DeAnna said...

Yeah! Kendras back and she's gonna get busy, hey now hey now... Kendras back:)

What a horrible friend I am to post pop music renditions on your blog:)

The Casaus House said...

As far as recipes go...I use allrecipes.com a lot! I also use e-mealz. It is something you subscribe to and it gives you weekly meal plans with grocery lists categorized by that particular stores isle. If you chose the Wal-mart family plan it breaks down your grocery list for you. That is the current one we're using. There's lots of options to choose from...vegetarian, weight watchers, gluten free....We like it alot! Helps budget your groceries better too.

*Barbie said...

what a cute business name that would be!!! congrats on klayton being 5 mo!! time just flies! How did your hair turn out?? Enjoy being home!