Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Months-a week late

Klayton you are 5 months old!

*You wear size 1-2 diapers
*You wear 3 months or 3-6 month clothing!
*You are completely fascinated with your socks or maybe its your feet? You are always playing with your feet and trying to pull off your socks! Maybe you will be like Mama and just not like to wear socks?
*You are still working on teeth, I think you are going to get two at once when they finally decide to pop through.
*Speaking of teeth you like to chew on daddy’s thumb!
*You are becoming a morning baby, what happened to sleeping in?
*You are now strictly formula fed.
*You love to be naked!
*You actually like bath time....finally! No more tears! Yay!

This Month:
*You met your Uncle Caleb
*Visited Oklahoma and Kansas for the first time.
*You also saw the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

Dear Klayton,
You survived your first LONG deputation trip-three months of travels! I am so proud of how well you did!
Yesterday, a man from church was holding you. As he held you we began to talk about what we would hear if we could see within your mind. Would you be saying, “these people look so foolish when they talk to me, etc”. But, this man he shared with me that he believes that when babies see us they don’t see our mistakes or foolishness they only see our love for them. He also shared that while holding you, he felt as if he were holding a piece of heaven…Klayton you are a piece of heaven that God has given me and everyday I am thankful for you and the gift that you are to dad and I!
Love You, Forever,

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