Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Lil Helper

Sometimes I get concerned that Klayton is not talking yet; but then I get reminded that he is capable of doing much! For example today we went grocery shopping and when we came home, he helped me unload and put the groceries away. And I don't mean that he was just playing with the bags and tossing the groceries on the floor for me to pick up. He would take an item out of the grocery bag, turn and hand it to me so I could put it away. Items like cheese though, he took out of the grocery bag and put into the fridge bins! Klayton was on the receiving end of many cheers today to encourage him to keep being such a good helper! He really is growing and changing so much these days and I think talking will be right around the corner!

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Melissa said...

South Dakota, and Sioux Falls have the birth to 3 program. They come to your home and watch your child, and see where he or she is at developmentally.

I was worried about Maggie, my 2nd, and had them come. They reassured me that she was doing ok, even though she wasn't talking very much. IF she hadn't, they would have scheduled visits to the home to work with her to get her on track.

It's FREE! & a great program. I am having Maggie tested again at age 3 just to be 100% sure that she's developmentally ok.

Anyway- I'd give it a shot. Easter Seals also has an online test for parents to do... but I noticed when I did it, that I was hard on myself/ Maggie and didn't give her enough credit for what she does know. :)