Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Fun: Entertaining the Kiddos

Continuing with our Summer Fun series I thought it would be fun to make up a Bucket List of sorts for summer!

1. Have a Lego Quest day. This can be fun for all ages, even if you have a toddler they can still build and destroy! And they can do a little coloring! And yep, I admit this idea was all from Pinterest!
2. Movie Day! This is perfect for a rainy day! Stay indoors, pop some popcorn...make a lunch that would go along with the movie (like Finding Nemo, eat fish sticks-get the idea?)
3. Go for a bike ride or a walk as a family!

4. Make ice cream in a bag! (What you will need: 1/2 cup milk,1/2 teaspoon vanilla,1 tablespoon sugar,4 cups crushed ice, 4 tablespoons salt,2 quart size Zip-loc bags,1 gallon size Zip-loc freezer bag. Directions: Mix the milk, vanilla and sugar together in one of the quart size bags. Seal tightly, allowing as little air to remain in the bag as possible. Too much air left inside may force the bag open during shaking. Place this bag inside the other quart size bag, again leaving as little air inside as possible and sealing well. By double-bagging, the risk of salt and ice leaking into the ice cream is minimized. Put the two bags inside the gallon size bag and fill the bag with ice, then sprinkle salt on top. Again let all the air escape and seal the bag. Shake the bag, making sure the ice surrounds the cream mixture. Five to eight minutes is adequate time for the mixture to freeze into ice cream.)
5. Have a water balloon fight and enjoy some popsicles while you dry off!
6. Set a reading goal for the summer. I will read ___ books this summer!
7. Make s'mores!
8. Have a lemonade stand!
9. Plant something, flowers...a vegetable, whatever!
10. Have a picnic lunch in your backyard.
11. Have some neighborhood kids over and host a "mini summer olympics"!
12. Fill up ten old 20 oz water bottles, add some food coloring and find a ball to play outdoor bowling!
13. When the sun has set, grab a few chairs and a snack and enjoy the night as family simply chatting or saying nothing at all!

This was just a quick list...what would you add to it? Or what have you already done with your kiddos this summer?

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