Monday, June 3, 2013

Water Baby

When Klayton was six months old we took him swimming for the first time. I remember holding him on my shoulder as I knelt into the water. A few minutes had passed when all of a sudden Joseph was rebuking me for not being careful as Klayton's face was all wet. So, I tried to be EVEN more careful and yet it happened again! We soon realized that Klayton was putting his own face in the water! We could not believe it! He would dip his head in and then lift it with a huge smile on his face!

To this day, Klayton still remains a water baby! He loves being in water, bath time he spends an hour at least in the tub! And now this summer just across the street we discovered a FREE KIDDIE POOL! We discovered this treasure on Friday and have been there everyday since! Its been SO nice because we have been able to use it all by ourselves!

I know where we will be catching some rays this summer...at the FREE KIDDIE POOL! Woohoo!

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