Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bucket List-Book Review #4

Well, another book to check off the list and 8 more still to read!

Not a Sparrow Falls, by Linda Nichols

I enjoy fiction; but tend to be picky about it as time goes on. I have read Karen Kingsbury and enjoyed her books; but have grown tired of them. Lori Wick is another favorite of mine, I especially enjoyed Pretense and Sophie's Heart. It seems to me that Karen Kingsbury and Lori Wick have the same tendencies in writing and I wanted to try a "different" style; but was hesitant-know what I mean? Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this selection, I was able to download it for free on my Kindle Fire!
I enjoyed this book from start to finish! The author did a wonderful job painting each scene and each character jumped out of the pages into "real life". I was captivated by real life struggles and the love and redemption that God offers! I would definitely recommend this book and would like to read more of her work!

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