Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Fun in the Heat

Today I was asked by someone if they could do a guest post for me to share some tips for traveling with kids this summer. Well, that got me thinking that it would be fun to do a little Summer Series every Friday for the rest of June! So, to get things rolling I will start!

Last year, March of 2012 to be exact, we were in Oklahoma City. While there we decided to walk around Lake Hefner as someone (my brother!) told us it was a 4 mile walk-we could handle that! As we started walking we overheard someone say it was actually 6 miles...we were already at mile marker 3 so we figured it was safe to keep pressing on! That 4 mile walk ended up being more like 10! We completed the walk in the afternoon when the sun was at its highest, without sunblock, pushing a 17 month old in his stroller! When we got back to our van we were all hot and a little flush. Unfortunately, as the night progressed Klaytons face seemed to get redder and redder. On Sunday we were visiting a church and a nurse asked me if Klayton had sun poisoning?! So...I went to google and yep it was sun poisoning-talk about a bad mommy moment!
So, this summer we are going to do our best to avoid those kind of bad mommy moments!

The 4 S's!

When you know you and your kiddos are going to be in the sun, especially to go swimming make sure you lotion your kiddos up at least 10 minutes before going out!
Reapply every 80 minutes when swimming and reapply after toweling off!

Playing in the sun usually causes sweat and just being in the heat can wear a person down physically. So, it really is best to have a bottle of cool water to sip on while you play!

3. Sunglasses!

It really is wise to sport some cool shades to protect your eyes! Besides, early prevention just might keep those crow feet away longer! And if you are not going to sport sunglasses, consider a hat!

While it is fun to send the kiddos outside to play, remember sometimes it really is just too hot to play outside. So be sure to find some great indoor activities for days like that!
If the kiddos are going to be out in the heat,dress them accordingly. Light, loose clothing that will not attract even more heat!

**I am by no means a medical professional and I only wrote 4 simple things to remember! Just practice being smart in the heat and you will avoid a lot of trouble!**

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