Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Busy week ahead as I prepare for Klayton’s grandma and grandpa to come visit!
2. This photo really puts into perspective how tiny my niece is!

3. I must confess that I was nervous about the post I did on infertility. But, I am SO thankful that I did, I received comments and private messages from some sweet ladies that are now added to my prayer list!
4. Keep praying for my Grandpa Collins, he is still in the hospital with some bleeding on the brain. We are hoping he will be released sometime this week.
5. I am thankful for friends who have become adopted family! We have a sweet couple in our church, Adam and Afton who love Klayton and well Klayton just LOVES them as well. He loves them so much that he may have thrown a fit when they told him goodbye.
6. Klayton and I have now read over 60 books for the summer reading program! Woohoo! One of our favorite books has been, Goldilocks by Dom De Luise! Such a cute version!

7. Dear Candy Crush, Would you please consider letting me pass level 169 sometime VERY soon? Pretty please and thank you for your consideration! Sincerely, Defeated Player of Two Weeks.
8. I am working on a post about Obedience and I would LOVE for you to answer this question, why is obedience important?
9. So, I'm just going to say it...when is Kendra going to get into shape? I'm hoping she will start making an effort yesterday!
10. What is a post without a picture of Klayton? Not happy...so to make things happy here he is!

Happy Tuesday!

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