Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Hello Tuesday! Can I come up with 9 more random thoughts? We shall see folks, we shall see...
2. Dear Mom, you can thank me later for getting you addicted to Candy Crush Saga; but don't feel obligated to text me in the night what level you have made it to! Love, Me!
3. Dad, I did not introduce you to Candy Crush Saga so you will just have to blame Mom for that one!
4. What do you think of my new blog design? It had been awhile since a good updating, I think I like it!
5. Our summer reading program has begun at the library.I took Klayton to get books this morning and of course they were all about dogs!
6. Am I the only one who dreads cooking in the summer heat?
7. Today I went to the gas station to buy a 12 pack of pop. The cashier said that if I bought a 2nd it was like 1/2 price; but I didn't have enough cash. I told her I would just pass on it and she told me to go get another one and she would take care of it! What a sweet blessing!
8. This may or may not be considered strange; but Klayton likes to drink steak sauce right from the bottle! We open the fridge and he is found trying to sneak a drink...no clue where this like for steak sauce came from!
9. I baked these cookies last night and they are already gone!

10. It may or may not have taken me all day to come up with the above random thoughts. Nonetheless, it is accomplished and I hope you had a Happy Tuesday!

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